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It's About Progression.

Twenty years ago, Evolv began as a vision for climbing’s progressive future. In the years since, our small crew of Southern Californian climbers built Evolv into a creative force. We’ve collaborated with our generation’s best climbers, made shoes that climbed the world’s hardest problems, and gone head-to-head with the outdoor industry’s biggest companies—always with a scrappy and inventive approach to getting shit done.

A lot has changed since we started out. Climbing gyms have reshaped the sport and culture of climbing. We’re meeting a new kind of climber at the gym, one who defies the traditional ideas of heritage climbing brands. And Evolv itself has grown, with new partnerships that allow us to amplify what we do to a global audience.

Today, with the same progressive attitude that got us here, we’re beginning a new chapter at Evolv. We’re bringing renewed focus to the creativity and personal expression that define modern climbers. Through our climbing projects, we’re going to create the future of climbing.

Let’s Go.

About the 2022 Lookbook:

Wondering where you are? You’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of the 2022 Evolv Lookbook. Another creative climbing project from Evolv, it’s a labor of love made by a bunch of folks from L.A., Salt Lake, Bolzano, Paris, Trukee, Bozeman, Amsterdam, and wherever the hell Daniel Woods is right now.

Yeah, it’s about climbing shoes. But it’s more about what we think climbing actually is ; a manifesto for looking beyond the grades and celebrating the process, whether on the greasy holds of Stoney Point, L.A. or the splitter granite of Ticino, Switzerland. We made it to show that serious technology doesn’t need to take itself too seriously, and that the best routes are as much about the moves as the beers you chill in the creek for afterwards.

It’s a lookbook, a microsite, and a blissed-out fever dream about road-trips, bears, and well-toungued lizards. (You’ll see). Stick around and explore. Or not. You probably should be out climbing anyway.

A History of Creativity

20 Years of Creative Climbing Projects:


Unhappy with the disposable nature of climbing shoes, Brian Chung starts a climbing shoe resoling project that grows to become Yosemite Bum, the largest climbing shoe resoling business in the United States.


After two years of operating Yosemite Bum, and bored by how all climbing shoes look the same, Brian Chung founds Evolv in order to build more creative climbing shoes.


At a time when climbing brands would only offer one—often pink—women’s-specific climbing shoe, Evolv launches two: the Rockstar and Athena. These shoes epitomize Evolv’s inclusive approach at a time when the climbing industry was heavily male-focused. The Rockstar goes on to win the Editor’s Choice award in both Climbing and Rock and Ice.


Evolv introduces the Rex, a climbing sneaker project mashing up the design language of a climbing shoe and a street sneaker.


Evolv launches the HERA, a women’s-specific shoe project in collaboration with athlete Lisa Rands, benefiting the Hera Foundation’s fight against ovarian cancer.


Evolv launches the Eldo Z climbing foot with Malcolm Daly and TRS Prosthetics to design the world’s first adaptive climbing shoe for lower-leg amputees.


Evolv partners with illustrator Jeremy Collins for a series of creative advertisements.


Evolv launches the plastic Evolv Adaptive Foot (EAF), reducing the cost of climbing prosthetics from $2,000 to $200.


Evolv creates the Phantom, a project in collaboration with Daniel Woods.


Evolv launches the Ashima x Brain Dead Zenist in collaboration with the L.A. hypebeast brand, benefiting non-profit groups encouraging diversity, equity, and inclusion in climbing.